Flash #85

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Mark Waid

Razer, a murderous demolition man for hire whose armour is so slippery that it is nearly without friction, holds Flash in the grip of his spiny gloves. To break that grip, Flash vibrates in place, melting the gloves. Their fight moves to the street, where Razer electrifies some streetcar tracks, as one of the cars approaches. Flash quickly outruns the electrical charge, evacuating the trolley before the current can catch up to it and electrocute the passengers. Unfortunately, the zap sends Flash flying. As before, Razer takes the opportunity to escape. 
In the meantime, Linda Park has initiated her own investigation into the whereabouts of Klaus Norwood, an architect who was employed by the Valentine Group until he became mentally unstable. According to the Valentine brothers, he swore revenge after they threw him out of their company. She breaks into Norwood's home, where she discovers that his house was equipped with all manner of futuristic technology. However, she is horrified to discover Norwood's corpse in his house, and she leaves in a hurry. From the shadows, someone watches all of this.