Jemm, Son of Saturn # 5

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Greg Potter, Gene Colan

Jemm is captured, tortured, and interrogated by Commander Synn and her Koolars. Synn's fleet revealed to have been part of a secret space program that fled Saturn before its destruction. The White Saturnian warrior women decided to turn the very few meek males in their midst into slaves that they brutalize and use to procreate.

Luther Mannkin slips away from his captives and is hidden by Farr, Synn's personal plaything. Jemm later escapes, finds Luther, and offers to free Farr. For his secret love affair with Synn, Farr refuses. Jemm does free Bruiser, and the trio escape the mothership in a small shuttlecraft.

Meanwhile, Superman uses a device on loan from Hawkman to find New Bhok, the settlement established by the surviving Red Saturnians. He is greeted by Jemm's soldier cousin Jogarr, who is friendly toward the Man of Steel, but confides his hatred of the entire Saturnian royal family.