Spider-Gwen #10

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Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez

The day after the events at the Dollar Dog, Frank seeks help from Kraven the Hunter in his pursuit of Gwen.

Gwen, now home after her power-up ended abruptly during the apprehension of a street mugger, reveals to her father, George Stacy, the loss of her powers and her limited number of power-ups. Their home is soon invaded and Gwen and her father are attacked by a succession of animals under the control of Kraven. May Parker, dropping by for a visit, help fight them off, but the attack culminates in Kraven himself besting a powerless (her power-up bracelet broken in the animal attacks) Gwen and removing her mask (which she had quickly donned) while being observed and photographed by Castle from a little distance away. George manages to subdue Castle and destroy his camera. Gwen is released from Kraven's grasp after he is hit by a passing car and George attempts to explain that he has called the police and that he is prepared to turn himself in as an accomplice but that Gwen needs to leave right away. Instead, Gwen renders her father unconscious and flees the scene with him in her arms.

Kraven reveals that during the melee he has obtained one of the power-up isotopes which he promises to use to settle his debt to Castle.